• <strong>DE-CIX</strong> - largest information exchange point in the world

Hessen - Programmed for Success

The success of Hessen's IT sector can be traced to several factors: successful companies and academic institutions, innovative R&D joint ventures, a high level of information technology expertise, and a top-level infrastructure which meets international requirements.

The Future in Hessen

Hessen is an excellent, future-oriented business location for information and communication technology. With 10,000 companies, 122,000 employees and €40 billion in sales, the IT sector is by far the most important technology segment in Hessen and is considered one of the leaders in Germany and Europe.

Software Location Nr. 1

The fast growing internet hub DE-CIX (Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange) has developed into the largest information exchange point in the world. The Frankfurt-Rhein-Main region has developed into the leading business location for the German software industry. The “Software Cluster” is coordinated in Darmstadt and crosses the Hessen state border. The "Silicon Valley of Europe" (based on the Truffle Study) encompasses more than 40% of the sales of the top 100 software companies.

IT Professionals in Hessen

More than half of all Hessen universities and universities of applied science offer study programs in Information and Communications Technology. The high standards in technology and training are highly valued not only by global players in the software industry such as Software AG in Darmstadt and CSC in Wiesbaden, but also by telecommunication companies such as T-Systems and Colt in Frankfurt, as well as international management consultancy firms such as Accenture in Kronberg and Ernst & Young in Eschborn.

R&D Hub in Darmstadt

In Darmstadt, there is a very high concentration of research and development institutions, such as the TU Darmstadt (Technical University in Darmstadt), Hochschule Darmstadt (University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt), three Fraunhofer-Institutes – SIT (Secure Information Technology), IGD (Computer Graphics Research) und LBF (Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability),  the Center of Advanced Security Research Darmstadt CASED, the European Space Agency ESA, the European Space Operations Center (ESOC), the European Organization for the Exploration of Metrological Satellites (EUMETSAT) and many more.

IT Investors value Hessen as Top Business Location

Both German and international IT investors are increasingly choosing Hessen as a business location. This is demonstrated by numerous investments, such as the SAP Research Center CEC, the Fraunhofer Ambient Assisted Living Alliance, the German Federal Railway (Deutsche Bahn) IKT - Innovation Center for Transportation and Logistics, and Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Secure Computing (ICRI-SC). Investments such as these increase the region's competitive advantage and are powerful evidence of the attractiveness of Hessen as a top business location for modern information and communications technology.

Interdisciplinary Network

Numerous networks and clusters have been established in Hessen, making a significant contribution to the development of the state as a business location for IT. Businesses, research institutions and government joined together in 2011 to establish the House of IT, a non-profit interdisciplinary network that provides an impulse for the development of innovative information and communications technology.


High-Performance Broadband Connections

High-performance broadband connections are the basis for the successful digitalization of society because they allow the development of digital products, processes and business models – keyword Industry 4.0. The project "More Broadband for Hessen" has been contributing to the development and expansion of high-performance broadband connections in Hessen for years. In the development of high-speed broadband connections, Hessen is in 4th place of the German states with at least 50 Mbit/s, which is above the German average. As of mid-2015, 70.7 % of Hessian households used high-speed Internet.

digitalstrategie-hessen.de  (available only in German)

Technology Line Hessen IT – Central Hub

Apart from business aspects, information and communication technology – as an interdisciplinary technology – has a far-reaching social dimension as well. Here, answers to significant future social challenges such as demographics, globalization, resource utilization, health and security, must be found. The comprehensive objective of Hessen IT is therefore to strengthen, expand and market Hessen as a top IT and communication location for the digital society.



Select group of international IT companies in Hessen:

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  • USA: Amazon, Cisco Systems, Computer Associates, Dell, IBM, Intel, Motorola, Oracle, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Equinix and Epicor Software
  • India: Cognizant Technology, Infosys Technologies, Wipro Technologies, Sonata Software, Patni Computer Systems und Tata Consultancy Services
  • Japan: Atari, Fujitsu, Honda Research Institute, Nintendo, Sony, Kyocera, Panasonic and Brother
  • Korea: Daewoo Electronics Europe, Humax Digital, Hyundai IT Europe, INUS Technology, Samsung, LG and SK Networks
  • China:   Atop, Huawei Technologies, Inteco, China Telecom und ZTE