Solar Energy in Hessen
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Environmental Technologies

Many of Tomorrow's Key Technologies Share Common Ground: Nature.

Dealing with our environment and the available resources responsibly is the basis for an economically and ecologically successful future. Numerous environmental technology companies are located in Hessen, for example within the areas of renewable energies, recycling or water treatment. 

Environmental technology has developed into one of the key industrial sectors in Hessen thanks to its high level of innovation and above-average growth potential.

Environmental- and resource conservation is a significant competitive factor for many other companies as modern technologies allow us to use energy and materials more efficiently and save costs. Leading environmental technology companies in Hessen include Biogest, Viessmann, Steinhardt Wassertechnik and Aqseptence.

Did you know...

that renewable energies account for more than 50 percent of electricity generation in Hessen? In other words, they have overtaken conventional energy sources for the first time. Wind energy accounted for the largest share of renewables in 2019, at 52 percent.

1,300 companies with 50,600 employees

27 wind power plants were built in 2020

Focus on sewage technology, recycling, renewable energies