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Logistics and Mobility

Logistics and Mobility

Hessen’s location at the heart of both Germany and Europe makes it a center for mobility. This is where national, European, and intercontinental transportation routes meet – one of our key strengths as a business location.

First and foremost, mobility means access to markets. A well-developed transportation network is the lifeblood of our region, allowing you to grow and compete. Our powerful transportation infrastructure lets you manage freight flows rapidly and efficiently, making sure goods reach their destination on time, every time.

We are working on smart solutions and technologies for the future, too, so as to increase efficiency and conserve resources. We are creating intermodal transportation hubs to take traffic off the roads and leverage the potential offered by rail and inland waterways. Digital systems will allow us to meet the needs of businesses and society, and to design sustainable mobility offerings from an economic, ecological, and social perspective.

In addition, we are supporting the development of alternative transportation concepts such as electromobility, thus helping to lay the foundations for tomorrow’s sustainable, environmentally friendly mobility.

House of Logistics & Mobility (HOLM) in Frankfurt develops innovative solutions for the mobility sector

Numerous distribution and transshipment centers are located in North Hessen

All European business centers within a 3 hour flying radius

Industriepark Höchst is becoming an innovation hub für CO2 neutral, alternative fuels


CENA: Centre of Competence for Climate, Environment and Noise Protection in Aviation

CENA  was founded by Hessen's government to secure the future of sustainable aviation with innovative ideas. It connects the interested parties and helps to realize innovative projects in sustainable aviation. CENA works on topics such as CO2-neutral flying, alternative fuels, Power-to-Liquid, as well as technologies for noise and environment protection in aviation.

Success Story

Keith Young ATC Ireland Hessen

“The Connectivity is Great on Every Level”

A Hessian-Irish Success Story

We spoke to Dr Keith Young from ATC, a Data Centre and Logistics Company. Established in Dublin in 1979, ATC now works with technology companies and cloud service providers from bases in Dublin, London, Amsterdam - and Frankfurt. Keith told us why ATC would choose Hessen again as a business location and he also shared some useful advice for foreign investors who want to establish a business here.

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