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Frankfurt – Financial Capital of the Eurozone

The towering bank skyscrapers in Frankfurt are a testament to the importance of the metropolitan region within the Euro zone. Since 1998, the European Central Bank has its headquarters here. And for more than 60 years, the Deutsche Bundesbank has set the standards for the German economy from its headquarters in Frankfurt.

Home to around 198 German and foreign banks, Frankfurt is Germany‘s leading financial centre and plays an outstanding role in continental Europe. According to the latest Global Financial Centres Index, Frankfurt ranks 9th among all global financial centers and 1st among all continental European financial centers.

Universities and professional training institutions such as the House of Finance, the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-University and the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management support top-level researchers and help to develop the next generation of financial experts.

As the seat of the ECB, Frankfurt plays an international role in monetary policy and foreign exchange operations. This is the place where monetary stability is guaranteed for the whole of Europe. Being close to the ECB is a key reason why the city’s 160 foreign banks in particular chose to locate here.

The towering bank skyscrapers in Frankfurt
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The towering bank skyscrapers in Frankfurt

Home to around 198 foreign and German banks

More than 30 foreign banks relocated to Frankfurt after Brexit

Frankfurt ranks among the top ten in the Global Financial Centres Index

Deutsche Börse

As an international exchange organisation and innovative market infrastructure provider, Deutsche Börse Group offers its customers a wide range of products, services and technologies covering the entire value chain of financial markets. It organises markets characterised by integrity, transparency and safety for investors who invest capital and for companies that raise capital.

Deutsche Börse AG operates the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, an entity under public law. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is one of the world’s largest trading centres for securities. With a market share of about 90 percent in Germany, it is by far the largest exchange in the country. With the fully-electronic trading system Xetra, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange can trade securities from any location in the world. The fact that the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is an international trading centre is also reflected in the structure of its participants. Of the approximately 200 market participants, roughly half are from countries other than Germany.

German stock exchange
Frankfurt Main Finance

Frankfurt Main Finance

Frankfurt Main Finance is the financial center initiative for Frankfurt am Main. The initiative has about 70 members including the State of Hessen, the cities of Frankfurt and Eschborn, and dozens of prominent actors in the finance sector.

Frankfurt Main Finance