View over Frankfurt
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In the Heart of Europe, in the Center of Germany

Hessen offers consistently fast, reliable connections for when something has to be in a certain place at a certain time. Its strong catchment area is a source market, hub, and destination in one for people, raw materials, products, and data. Hessen's heart beats just in time.

Precisely managed, intelligent networking of different transport modes – including high-speed rail networks, freeways, inland ports, and the Frankfurt Airport air traffic hub – offers time savings, tightly synchronized schedules, late cut-off times, and maximum reliability.

All European economic centers can be reached within three hours' flying time. Hessen's leading-edge infrastructure is developed continuously as needed, protecting the environment and cutting costs. High-performance broadband networks and fast internet connections are a decisive factor in the national and international competition for locations, and an indispensable infrastructure component for both private citizens and businesses.

500 million affluent consumers in Europe

All European business centers within a 3 hour flying radius

Access to the German and European market

People from 190 nations live and work in Hessen

As a leading financial center, international transporthub, global expo and trading site, and a location for innovation, technology, education, culture and science, Frankfurt am Main and the Rhine-Main region attract businesses of every size and from every sector. 

This is the home of domestic and international market leaders. From here, many business headquarters tap into new markets and reach their existing customers. Throughout Germany. Throughout Europe. Worldwide.

Many companies in the optics, metal, electrical, pharmaceutical and medical industries have settled in Central Hessen, approx. one hour from Frankfurt Airport. This region stands out thanks to its unique education infrastructure.

In North Hessen, approx. 1.5 hours away from the city of Frankfurt, international investors encounter innovative global market leaders from the mobility, decentralised-energy and health sectors. Did you know that North Hessen - with the “documenta city” Kassel - is among Europe's top 10 most innovative regions?

Did you know...

that 42 percent of Hessen's surface area is covered by forest?

Trees also cover more than 20 percent of Frankfurt’s surface area. Widely known as the „green lung“, the largest inner city forest in Germany can be found here. It covers almost 6,000 hectares in total, with a majority of 3,866 hectares within the inner city itself.