Laboratory research
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Talent Pool

Ready for the Future

The foundation of Hessen's strong economy is the excellent education and training system. This includes not only well-known universities, but also application-oriented universities and training facilities. Well-trained experts are the cornerstone of our economic growth.

Hessen is an important location for science, research and development. In no other state does such a high proportion of the population work in this field. Apart from the 31 universities (and universities of applied sciences), there are around 40 technology and startup centres that reflect the impressive innovative strength of the region.

With 8 Max-Planck-Institutes, 8 Frauenhofer Institutes and more than 50 other research institutes, Hessen has both expertise and creativity. Highly-qualified and motivated employees who are committed to life-long learning make Hessen so attractive for business.

Mathematikum in Giessen
© Mathematikum/Rolf K. Wegst

Have you ever seen a number with so many decimal places? Get to know Pi - a number still holding a lot of secrets.

Learn more about Pi at the Mathematikum in Giessen - the world's first mathematical science center.

More than 170 exhibits open a new door to mathematics. Visitors of all ages and educational backgrounds experiment: they solve puzzles, build bridges, stand in a giant soap bubble, see themselves infinite times in a mirror and much more.