• <strong>5.8</strong> Universities per 1 million Inhabitants

Expertise at Hessen's Universities

The landscape of universities in Hessen is shaped by some of Germany's most traditional institutions. At the same time, the universities are both international and application oriented. The universities contribute to Hessen's excellent reputation as a leading high-tech region in Europe and a center of innovation.

Hessen – High-Tech Universities

One of Europe's most important high-tech regions is located in the heart of Germany, the federal state of Hessen. Hessen's 36 universities and institutes of higher learning have a workforce of more than 36,000 – taken together are one of the most important employers in the state. The universities offer courses of study in the technologies of tomorrow: IT and communications, environmental and biotechnology and material engineering. 

About 250,000 students are matriculated in Hessen's universities and 39,000 graduate annually, helping to drive the economic strength. Hessen has a pool of high-trained experts in technologies of tomorrow. The internationally oriented universities offer numerous bilingual and English-language courses, helping to attract students and researchers from all over the world. At the same time, Hessen's universities have close cooperations with international partner universities and research institutes.

Hessen Invests in Research and Creates Knowledge

Hessen's universities are continuing to gain in national and international ranking, as the state government continues to invest in universities and institutions of higher learning.

The Hessen state government has guaranteed five years of stable investments from 2011-2015. More than 1 billion Euros will be invested in modern infrastructure from 2008 to 2020 as part of the HEUREKA program. And the federal government's LOEWE project invests millions in top-level research in Hessen.

Whether it’s extracting an antibiotic from a lady bug or discovering new chemical elements, researchers in Hessen proudly present their success stories in research and development.

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Facts that speak for Hessen:

  • 5.8 universities per 1 million inhabitants
    (Germany, 5.2 per 1 million inhabitants)
  • About 250,000 students at Hessen's universities
  • 39,000 graduates annually
  • Clusters of excellence in natural sciences, medicine and engineering
  • High percentage of international students and scientists

Five Cities and their Universities

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The hallmarks of the Philipps-University in Marburg are a close cooperation between research groups, fast completion of studies and well-recognized programs which attract and develop young talent. International researchers and students are attracted to the medieval ambient in the old town of Marburg. There are numerous interdisciplinary connections among students, for example: tumor research; synthetic microbiology; material research; neuro-, language- and geographic technologies; conflict research and in Middle East studies.