Successful Investments

  • <strong>14.8 % </strong>of all foreign direct investments go to Hessen

Successful Investments in Attractive Markets

Hessen has a number of business advantages: central location, excellent infrastructure, leading scientific research and diverse industrial landscape.

Investment Record

In 2017, Hessen achieved a new record: 173 international companies either established a new business in Hessen or expanded their existing facilities. In 2016 there were 163 foreign investments, 156 settlements in 2015 and 144 in 2014.

In the annual ranking of German states, Hessen repeatedly achieved the leading position. The largest share was covered by the IT and software, followed by the finance sector and business services.

Quality of Life

But more than that, the "soft factors" for investment are also excellent:
high level of expertise, stable business relationships, and a high quality of life.
Thanks to these positive factors, it is no wonder that for many decades Hessen
has attracted investments from all over the world.

Recent Foreign Investments

Julien Eichinger – Fotolia

Portwell Inc., Taiwan

Taiwanese company Portwell Inc., a worldwide leading innovator in the industrial PC market and premier member of the Intel® Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Alliance, moved its German headquarters to Sprendlingen, the Dreieich industrial park south of Frankfurt, in June 2015. Sales and customer technical support will be managed from the new branch office. With the new acquisition of its own company building and the initial hiring of eight to ten employees, Portwell Deutschland is demonstrating how much it values important growth in the German-speaking market and its intention of settling in Dreieich for the long term. The acquisition of the building secures enough space for the company's future expansions. In 2014, Portwell Inc. employed a worldwide staff of 850 and generated sales of 184.68 million US dollars.