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  • One of the Most Innovative Regions: Among the <strong>TOP 10</strong> in Europe

Internationally Leading Research Institutes in Hessen

Research is the foundation of advancement and business growth. Scientific research institutions in Hessen are active in numerous fields, serving both as a catalyst and magnet for researchers from all over the world.

Research Tomorrow, Today in Hessen

The state of Hessen is one of the 10 most innovative regions in Europe – a leading location for innovation, research and development. In Hessen, 2,8 % of per capita gross domestic product is invested in research and development. And more than 76 % of all companies invest in R&D – again higher than average. About 50,000 employees in Hessen work in R&D in key technologies, such as biotech and environmental technology, IT and communication technology, as well as materials and nano-technology.

Research combined with entreprenuerial spirit

Businesses profit from research excellence in Hessen. There is a well-established transfer of expertise between research institutes and private industry, which serves to promote Hessen as a business location. Merck KGaA in Darmstadt and the Technical University of Darmstadt jointly run a research lab MerckLAB for new, anorganic composite materials. This joint venture has already resulted in printed electronics for radio chips which are used in radio frequency identification technology.

Successful developments from Hessen in the aerospace industry are also known around the world. Researchers in the physics department at the Justus-Liebig-University Gießen first developed and tested radio frequency ion engines in 1960. In recent years, researchers have been closely cooperating with Europe's largest aerospace company Airbus as well as the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Corporate R&D Centers

The Lead Design Center (LDC) from Carrier Kältetechnik Deutschland GmbH in Mainz-Kostheim is a good example of corporate R&D centers in Hessen. It is a competence center for refrigeration, one of three Carrier facilities worldwide, with over 100 employees in R&D.

Motorola GmbH conducts research in future-oriented technologies – such as microsystems, nano-technology, biotechnology, virtual production and environmental technology – at the Advanced Technology Center (MATC-Europe) in Taunusstein. T-Systems International GmbH in Darmstadt employs about 1,000 people to research the IT concept of tomorrow.

Research in Hessen

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Safer Medications Thanks to Testing

The Paul-Ehrlich-Institute in Langen plays a special role in the testing and regulation of biotechnology developments. It serves as an official institution of the German federal government to supervise and regulate biological pharmaceutical products. It is a division of the German Ministry of Health and the Medical Biotechnology department supports the work of the European Medicines Agency in London.