Leading Chinese automaker begins major expansion of development center in Hessen

Chery’s initiative in Raunheim underscores the automobile manufacturer’s commitment to innovation and economic development in Hessen and Europe.

© Chery

Chery, one of China’s leading automobile manufacturers, has begun a significant expansion of its development center in Raunheim near Frankfurt. The expansion coincides with the European market launch of its OMODA and JAECOO brands, which should bolster Chery's position in the electric mobility sector.

“We are firmly convinced that the investment in research and development in Germany and Europe will pay off because Chery will be able to develop solutions that are both innovative and tailored to the needs of European customers,” said Jochen Tüting, Managing Director of Chery Europe GmbH.

In the next 24 months, Chery plans to launch eight new models in Europe, backed by the changes in Raunheim that include enhanced testing procedures, increased R&D capacities, stronger partnerships with regional suppliers, and development collaborations with local stakeholders. Consequently, the German R&D team will play an even stronger role in the group’s global design and engineering functions and will increase to 120 persons by the end of 2024.

Since the development center’s opening in Hessen in 2018, it has become one of the company’s most important R&D and design locations. Located near Frankfurt Airport, the facility covers development activities for both new products and country-specific solutions.

The company says its strategy in Europe is long-term, with the expansion of the German development center as an important milestone that underscores its determination to develop cutting-edge vehicles for the European market.

The Chary’s plan will make a substantial and lasting contribution to Hessen’s economy and boost the state’s reputation as a center of innovation.