Hessen Is the Frontrunner For Internet Coverage in Industrial Estates

About 94 per cent of Hessian industrial estates are provided with an internet speed of at least 50 megabits per second.

© Andreas Koschate

According to a current assessment of the National Broadband Atlas, Hessen is the leading large German state in coverage for industrial estates in a national comparison. The national average in Germany is 90.4 per cent.

“The current situation clearly demonstrates just how necessary high-performance digital infrastructure in the country is. It enables companies to stay in their region or also for start-ups to base themselves in rural areas. The infrastructure advantages available in Hessen thus form the basis for successful and innovative companies,” highlighted Digital Minister Kristina Sinemus on the occasion of the current assessment of the National Broadband Atlas. She added that one factor in the success of the roll-out of broadband in Hessen was regional advisors, who together with the Broadband Office run by Hessen Trade & Invest, supported municipalities and created the infrastructure foundations for digitising Hessen.

This leading position for broadband coverage among large German states will be built up further. “The Hessian State government is not letting up in rolling out broadband,” emphasised Sinemus. “For this reason, we are providing 266 million euros in the state budget from 2020 to 2024 to promote the roll-out of fibre optics in Hessen. Of this, 100 million euros will be provided to promote fibre optic for businesses as the essential foundation for the priority 5G roll-out.” An additional 50 million euros will be used to develop mobile phone networks in Hessen.