Central Hessen: the state of the art in the medical industry

The triad of education, research and business offers a unique selling point in Central Hessen for intensive networking activities being conducted in the areas of health and medicine.

Scientific facilities, such as the German Center for Lung Research, the Kerckhoff Clinic and the Giessen-Marburg LOEWE Center, are carrying out cutting edge research right here in this region. It is here where successful health and life science companies are developing and producing the latest medical products along with high-quality medicines.

Medical expertise at the highest level from Hessen: anyone seeking the hotspots, stars and innovators in the Central Hessen medical hub need look no further than the region’s healthcare portal https://healthcare-mittelhessen.eu/. This multimedia web blog run by initiator Regional Management of Central Hessen provides information about medical success stories from this region. Exciting narratives from experts working and researching in Central Hessen’s medical sector provide insights into the latest product developments from the area of research and business, making this cross-sector platform the perfect means for gathering information, networking and promoting oneself.