Connecting the world

88 airlines and 259 destinations across 99 countries: that’s Frankfurt Airport, Germany’s most important international hub for air travel.

The so-called Connectivity Index issued by the Official Airline Guide (OAG) also highlights the prominence of this airport, which ranks second in the world in terms of the best connectivity. In this survey, 200 airports were reviewed in terms of the quality they offer their passengers catching connecting flights. Chief Executive of Fraport AG, Dr. Stefan Schulte, is very pleased winning a place on the podium. “Frankfurt is the most important air travel hub in Germany and it is of vital importance for our export-led economy. The international flights taken by our clients […] ensure that Frankfurt continues to offer excellent connectivity across the globe. […]”

In 2018, the airport welcomed over 69.5 million passengers. The most popular travel destinations outside of Germany are the United States, Spain (including the Canary Islands) and Italy. In addition, the airport handled a total of 2.2 million tons of cargo in 2018. This corresponds to the weight of about 43 blue whales per day. In a ranking of all European airports, this places Frankfurt Airport in first position in terms of cargo traffic and fourth in terms of passenger traffic. However, the airport not only offers the best networks in the air: last year, 5,000 airport tours were booked, offering fascinating glimpses behind the scenes of this truly unique airport.