Hessen – A Great Place to Call Home

It’s official: Hessen is a cut above the rest when it comes to quality of life.

A study comparing 401 German counties and independent cities conducted by the Berlin Institute for Population and Development has confirmed what Hessen’s 6.266 million inhabitants have long held as an obvious truth. Furthermore, the study found that the cities and counties in Hessen’s south exhibit a particularly high quality of life. Several counties in Hessen even earned the accolade of successful rural regions due to factors such as high income, low unemployment, and fast internet speed.

However, anyone who has spent time in Hessen certainly understands that this region has far more to offer than merely the benefits captured by an academic study’s measurements and indicators. Friendly people, beautiful green countryside, a diverse mix of cultures, and relaxing health spas beckon to experience all the adventure, enjoyment, and recreation that the state has to offer. In other words: You come to Hessen to work, but you stay to live!

Every Hessian city has its own unique charm, including the elegant city of Wiesbaden, the baroque city of Fulda, the historic city of Marburg, the artistic city of Kassel, the cathedral city of Limburg, the digital city of Darmstadt, as well as Germany’s fifth-largest and Hessen’s largest city, Frankfurt am Main. Frankfurt is a genuine melting pot of cultures that is home to a plethora of different nationalities, languages, and lifestyles. A study conducted by leading consulting firm Mercer provides further confirmation of Frankfurt’s widely held reputation as a delightful and endearing city. The cosmopolitan city has distinguished itself yet again by its repeated inclusion in the list of the world’s top ten cities ranked by quality of life. It should be added that lovely green meadows and natural landscapes are just a stone’s throw away from most Hessian cities.

In short: Hessen is quality of life. In every way, no matter the time or place.