Hessen is attracting Chinese car manufacturers

The Chinese car manufacturer Chery will be opening its development and design center in Raunheim in January 2019. And a second manufacturer is coming as well: Geely.

© Geely

The Chinese car company is inaugurating a branch at Prime-Parc industrial park in Raunheim and plans to manage its European operations from there.

Geely is the largest single shareholder of Daimler as well as the parent company of Volvo Cars and the company plans to produce two million cars annually by the year 2020. Additionally, Geely is seeking to increase its presence in the European market and Raunheim has convinced the company of the outstanding regional advantages found here. Located right in the heart of Europe, this city in southern Hessen offers excellent transport connections, be they by land, air or water. The region also has an abundance of trained professionals, a product of the renowned technical universities in Hessen, which offer degree courses in areas such as engineering, machine construction and process technology.


Two new branch offices, three winners

Not only the city of Raunheim is happy about receiving these two companies that will create jobs and generate revenues through corporate taxes: Rüsselsheim and Kelsterbach are also benefiting from this positive development. These three cities have come together to form the “Three win” network of cities with the aim of attracting large companies. Raunheim’s mayor, Thomas Jühe, points out that the decision of big companies to set up shop in the area represents an important accomplishment for this city alliance. Without the “Three win” initiative, he adds, such opportunities would not exist.