Hessen becomes a stronghold in the fight against cancer

Frankfurt Cancer Institute


The State of Hessen is opening up new possibilities in cancer research. One example is the new Frankfurt Cancer Institute, which is set to be opened on Campus Niederrad thanks to the LOEWE funding program.

This highly modern building will be used to drive translational research, which means developing the close link between basic research, medical research and clinical applications. The Minister of Science, Boris Rhein, has described the planned construction as an “internationally visible center” in which excellent research alliances and partnerships will find an institutionalized home. The funding of the FCI has also been promoted by the German Science Council, which acts as an adviser to the German federal and regional governments in matters concerning the development of universities, science and research. In its recommendation of the FCI, the Science Council considered the integration of the pharmaceutical industry to be a particularly special feature and unique selling point compared to other German research locations working in similar areas.

Building work is scheduled to begin in 2020, and the center should be opened in 2024. There will be around 4,700 square meters of floor space with rooms, laboratories and equipment for over 100 scientists from various fields of cancer research. The new construction will cost around 73.4 million euros. Funding is not only being provided by the Federal Republic of Germany; the State of Hessen is also contributing around 26 million euros. The remaining funds will be contributed by German Cancer Aid and other partners.

The Managing Director of Hessen Trade and Invest, Dr. Rainer Waldschmidt, has welcomed the investment: “The FCI provides us with an innovative and pioneering cancer research institute in Hessen. I’m delighted to see that the LOEWE research funding program has once again enabled the sustainable development of Hessen’s research sector”. The Head of Technology and Innovation at Hessen Trade and Invest, Dr. Carsten Ott, added: “The FCI combines a clinic with basic research, making a significant contribution to international cancer research. This proves Hessen is on the right track to consolidate its status as a technology state”.