DAW Deutsch-Asiatischer Wirtschaftskreis e.V. (The German-Asian Business Circle)

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The German-Asian Business Circle (DAW) operates a platform allowing its members to engage in regular discussions with key decisionmakers in the fields of politics, diplomacy, and economics and to share experiences with companies that successfully maintain business relations in and with Asia. The DAW puts its members in contact with experts from all relevant consulting and legal fields and maintains close ties with embassies and the German diplomatic corps throughout the entire Asia-Pacific region. This enables companies to more easily overcome the bureaucratic hurdles standing in the way of their Asian business endeavors.

Alongside large corporations, the DAW serves primarily as a facilitator for German midmarket companies seeking concrete assistance with the establishment and expansion of business operations in Asia. To this end, DAW focuses on leveraging personal relationships in a way that quickly gives rise to lucrative business opportunities. This is reflected in the motto set out by DAW president and founder Bodo Krüger, which is, “The only way to make a friend is to be a friend!”

With 10 representative offices across Asia and a new DAW China president, DAW is ideally positioned to provide an excellent level of service to its members in return for a small annual fee. In an interesting development, Asian countries have increasingly been approaching the DAW with the aim of securing a reliable partner. As a result, the DAW entered into a partnership with the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and has recently signed an agreement establishing close ties with South Korea’s strongest economic region.


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