Market leader MOONS selects the economic hub of Hessen


MOONS, Asia’s leading company for intelligent motion control, founds a subsidiary office in Frankfurt. The main reasons for this were the city’s highly developed infrastructure and its secure investment environment.

With the recent establishment of AMP & MOONS ‘Automation (Germany) GmbH, the Chinese enterprise Shanghai MOONS’ Electric Co., Ltd. is preparing to add another chapter to its success story, which has been ongoing in Asia since 1994. MOONS currently employs around 2,500 associates around the world and the company has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since May 2017. After MOONS’ International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. founded branch offices in the US, Italy, Singapore and Japan as part of its modular internationalization strategy, Europe’s strongest economy was next on the to-do list.  

With this move to Germany, the company plans to offer a comprehensive service and distribution network for Europe from its base in Frankfurt. The leading manufacturer of key components for intelligent LED lighting controls decided on this city on the Main River due to Hessen’s secure environment for investments as well as its highly developed infrastructure. The latter was a decisive factor since it enables direct market access to Germany and supports the establishment of a service and distribution network in Europe. The company’s initial capital investment was soon greatly expanded.

Operating under the motto “moving in better ways”, the management team in Frankfurt plans to work with the branch office in Italy to quickly and sustainably drive the company’s international success forward here in Europe, to acquire German and European industrial clients, and to gradually hire more and more staff at its office in Frankfurt. The new establishment of AMP & MOONS ‘Automation (Germany) GmbH has received support from Hessen’s economic promotion network since June 2016. After their move to Hessen, Hessen Trade & Invest assists international companies with tasks such as implementing planned expansion investments locally and successfully expanding within Europe.