Thru opens datacenter in Germany


Thru Inc., a leading producer of file-sharing and collaboration solutions for companies, has announced the opening of a new local datacenter as the basis for its EFSS platform in Frankfurt. This will allow the company’s users in Germany and other EU countries to access its platform within the scope of German and EU law.


Data storage in accordance with EU law even after Brexit.

A primary benefit of Thru’s EFSS platform has always been the option afforded to customers of using the solution in the public cloud, on premises, and as a hybrid. The opening of the new datacenter in Frankfurt will expand the company’s worldwide network of datacenters and thus enable customers in Germany and other EU countries to host the data stored on the platform in a cloud within Germany. Thru has utilized the datacenter of the service provider Rackspace in the United Kingdom to date to serve these customers. This datacenter is expected to remain in operation.


Significantly reduced latency periods as an added benefit

The new Rackspace datacenter in Frankfurt is set to begin operations in late June 2017. Thru will operate its own isolated servers at this datacenter that other Rackspace customers will not be permitted to use. The new datacenter’s central location in Germany offers the added benefit of significantly reduced latency periods.


Many of Thru’s platform customers in Germany have used the platform in their own datacenters to date due (among other reasons) to the unavailability of a locally operated cloud in Germany. The operation of a cloud platform that stores data outside of the EU may soon give rise to serious issues in light of the looming implementation of the Brexit referendum. Furthermore, given the increasing IT infrastructure trend toward hybrid clouds, Thru’s new datacenter will offer German customers the option of an EFSS solution with a cloud connection following the UK’s departure from the European Union.


“Our partnership with Rackspace has consistently helped us provide services in a way that meets the needs of our customers and the requirements of a geopolitical world undergoing constant change,” commented Lee Harrison, CEO of Thru. “The new datacenter in Frankfurt will allow our customers to retain control over their data and combine this luxury with the use of Thru’s sophisticated cloud platform.”