Labor Market

  • About <strong>2.6 million </strong>workforce

Hessen - the Best Employees are Already Here

The foundation of Hessen's strong economy is the excellent education and training system. This includes not only well-known universities, but also application-oriented universities, training facilities and occupational schools. Well-trained experts are the cornerstone of economic growth.

Talent for the Future

Hessen is training more students in the future-oriented sectors of IT, engineering and natural sciences than the national average. Many of the students participate in bilingual or English-language courses, which also attract many international students. Hessen’s universities also maintain close ties with partner universities and research institutes from all over the world.

Work-Study Programs, Universities of Applied Science and Universities

In addition to academic study, Hessen offers a wide range of highly-qualified, work-study programs in a dual system which is equally divided between school and companies. About 60 % of all youth in any given year begin training in one of these 330 occupations, and then are permitted to eventually earn their master qualification.

Universities of applied science offer practical course of study, for example, engineering or business management. Nearly 90 % of all high school graduates embark on university studies leading to a master’s degree or a state-approved certification. This degree qualifies for further study up to university professor level. Internationally recognized degrees such as bachelors and masters are offered at Hessen universities.

Hessen - One Step Ahead of other German States

More than 36 universities, 7 Max-Planck-Institutes, 8 Frauenhofer Institutes, 37technology and startup centers, and more than 100 scientific research institutes, Hessen has both expertise and creativity. Highly-qualified and motivated employees who are committed to life-long learning – this is what Hessen differentiates itself and makes it so attractive for business.

Unemployment was 5.3 % in 2016, much lower than other areas of Germany. The jobless rate among 15 to 25-year-olds is particularly low: 4.8 % in Hessen as compared to 6.2 % for Germany and 16 % for the European zone.


Hessen - a Solid Labor Market

  • About 2.6 million workforce
  • Number of employees has risen for eight years in a row
  • Around 250,000 students at Hessen's universities
  • 24,300 graduates annually
  • Excellence clusters in natural science, medicine and engineering science
  • High percentage of international students and researchers
  • Academic and application-oriented course of study