The Hessen Way of Life

Good Reasons for Hessen

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Connections to the Whole World

All roads lead to the state of Hessen: Starting with the largest European cargo airport as well as the third largest passenger airport through one of Europe’s most important internet hubs up to Germany’s largest locally-linked transport system – Hessen is one of the continent’s most important linchpins for people, goods, and information from all around the world. No other European region has shorter routes and faster connections to offer than Hessen. This means for our companies: Every market, every customer, and every distributor in Europe is standing right at our doorstep.

Location and Transportation


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Il Vostro team di consulenti
Dr. David Eckensberger

Dr. David Eckensberger

Head of Department
International Affairs

David Eckensberger HTAI GmbH Konradinerallee 9 D-65189 Wiesbaden Telefono: +49 611 95017-8326
Fax: +49 611 95017-58326

Andreas Damrau

Senior Manager Investor Services

Andreas Damrau HTAI GmbH Konradinerallee 9 D-65189 Wiesbaden Telefono:  +49 611 95017-8346
Fax:  +49 611 95017-58346

Pro Business Service

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The Hessen Way of Life

"The Hessian Way of Life": The PR film about the state presents Hessen as strong industrial location with outstanding infrastructure and an exciting international scene.

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Hessen - supporting your business success!

In Hessen, we recognize that the well-being of a state and its citizens is dependent on a strong economic development program. This is the reason Hessen paves the way for entrepreneurs.
Hessen offers support to promote the success and growth of your business. Our goal is to make the implementation of your business ventures easy. We can assist you from your initial business ideas, to plans of construction projects, to creative financing.
Your Investment Step-by-Step

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Identifying Sites in Hessen

Looking for a site in Hessen? The Site Selection System Hessen can help you!
You will be able to find optimal contacts for industrial or commercial real estate inquiries. You can also access infrastructural data on all communities in Hessen, technology and incubator centers, as well as local economic development agencies. Look at "your" sites with detailed interactive maps and aerial views, and generate individual real estate offerings.

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Newsletter and Publications

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