Polio, plague and pandemic on July 15, 2021

For centuries, mankind repeatedly had to fight new and old epidemics. And it was only in the modern era that improved hygiene conditions and the development of sewage systems brought an end to many infectious diseases. Today, there is even great potential in wastewater for combating current dangers. Because through its analysis, the spread of pathogens in the population can be monitored with little effort, future outbreaks can be detected and contained with appropriate measures.


With this event, Technologieland Hessen invites international players in the field of wastewater-based epidemiology to discuss the great benefit of wastewater analyses for pandemic control together with representatives from business, science and politics.

You can look forward to a varied programme including:

  • Environmental Surveillance: use for Polio Eradication and beyond
    Dr. Ousmane M. Diop, Global Coordinator of the Polio Laboratory Network, WHO-HQ, Swiss
  • On the trails of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater - what we can learn from this pandemic
    Prof. Susanne Lackner, Chair of Wastewater Engineering, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany
  • Data and Tools for Understanding Global Waterborne Pathogens
    Dr. Joan Rose, Homer Nowlin Chair in Water Research, Michigan State University, United States
  • and many other international speakers from the EU, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, Biobot Analytics ...

More info and the full programme at: www.technologieland-hessen.de/coronaviruses-in-wastewater



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