How biorefineries and bio-based products are transforming the economy

With Bio. Innovationen. Stärken. Technologieland Hessen takes a look at current biorefinery projects in Hessen, Europe and around the world that already demonstrate the great potential of industrial biomass utilisation. With the presentation of biological production processes and biobased product examples from science and industry, the second day will show ways from synthesis to a product and clarify the question which new business areas can result from this.


In the BioFactory of the future, bio-based raw materials are broken down into their components, converted and refined. In particular, residues from forestry production are a largely untapped resource - as are grass or green waste. New technologies are currently in the pilot phase to utilise the main components lignin and hemicellulose as materials on an industrial scale. Already today, biotechnology is indispensable in the production of medicines, flavourings and a wide variety of materials. Whereas at the same time, the development of new production organisms and enzymes is increasingly expanding the range of applications.

You can look forward to two exciting days:

  • 5 international biorefinery projects from Hessen, Europe and the whole world will kick off the event
  • followed by the presentation of biobased products and innovative processes from industry and science on the second day
  • together with 2 keynotes in English and German: "Quo vadis, Biorefineries? A technological view on the industrial use of biogenic resources" and "Beiträge der Biotechnologie zu einer nachhaltigeren Wirtschaft – Chancen und Herausforderungen"
  • and many presentations, an open panel discussion and a video tour through Hessen's first gras factory

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