Economic Trends

  • GDP per employee: <strong>€72,605</strong>

Hessen's strong economy

Hessen has one of the strongest economies of all German states, and is also one of the most dynamic business regions in Europe. Compared to other business regions in Germany, Hessen has an exceptionally high labor productivity and low unemployment.

Booming Service Sector

In addition to the strong sales growth in the high-tech sector, the booming service sector ensures the continued structural change in Hessen's economy as well as the continued growth. In other words: Hessen is where the highest productivity, creativity and stability intersect.

Highest Gross Domestic Product

Among all federal German states, Hessen has achieved the highest gross domestic product for the past 25 years. In 2014 GDP per employee was €75,708, well above the German average. It was also above Japan’s performance and approached that achieved by the USA.

Skilled Employees

Finding qualified and motivated employees with a high level of training is usually no problem in Hessen. Investments are safe and secure, thanks to a high level of overall stability as well as legal security.

Secure Environment

Also the conditions, such as legal clarity and high stability offer an excellent environment for investors and provides them with the decisive amount of security.


Strong economic Results speak for Hessen

  • Gross domestic product per employee: €75,708
  • GDP per employee is 12% higher than the German average


  • Employment has increased seven years in a row
  • Growth in exports: 2.7 % in 2013 - 2014
  • Growth in imports: 1.9% in 2013 - 2014