“You have reached your destination”

Investor GuidelineDo you know where you want to be but don’t quite know how to get there? With the goal of establishing business operations in the heart of Europe, knowing how to take the first step may seem overwhelmingly difficult. What is the right way forward?


Our latest Investor Guideline provides answers to these questions and serves as a compass for foreign investors seeking to establish business operations in Hessen. The step‑by‑step guide to ensuring a successful venture in the state of Hessen clearly demonstrates that setting up a business in Hessen is as easy as pie. You will have the luxury of relying on us as a one‑stop shop that will serve your needs throughout the process from the initial idea to implementation and beyond!

The Investor Guideline explains which visa is necessary for your business trip to Germany and which requirements you must fulfill, most notably the possession of a valid health insurance policy. It also provides an overview of the legal form options under which your company can be registered. For example, the German limited liability company (GmbH – Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) is the most widely used legal form for corporations. It combines a high degree of flexibility with minimal obligations.

Please note that although our team of experts in the fields of location consulting, EU subsidy consulting, and technology will provide dedicated support throughout this process, it may occasionally be necessary to utilize the services of additional experts. In light of this, the Investor Guideline contains a list of experienced lawyers, tax consultants, and personnel consultants.

When it comes time to getting down to business, we will join forces with the regional and local business development agencies to assist you in securing business premises. And after the location decision has been made, the new German corporation has to be registered. Moreover, entrepreneurs from non‑EU countries require a residence permit or a settlement permit if they want to run a business in Germany in person or if they are employed here.

After this you will have reached your destination and can commence business operations in Hessen!

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