Flirting with Madness

The English Theatre Frankfurt celebrates "40 years of making a Scene"

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The largest English-speaking theatre in continental Europe is not located in Stockholm, Amsterdam or Hamburg. An institution like the English Theatre (ETF) only exists in Frankfurt am Main, Germany's most international city!

Balancing act in spite of BREXIT: ETF produces across the English Channel

The ETF produces in a balancing act across the English Channel: Castings and rehearsals take place in London, exclusively with English Native Speakers and a British creative team. This ensures that the productions are not just German ‘Regietheater’ in English, but are created entirely according to the Anglo-American understanding of theatre. I produces with a lot of British humour and American showbiz. In a two-week final rehearsal phase in Frankfurt, the British creative team and actors and the Frankfurt stage builders and technicians grow together in an intensive creative process culminating in fulminant Red-Carpet Opening Nights.

Insane, romantic, bloody: pretty crazy

In the coming season The English Theatre Frankfurt has a Birthday coming up. For 40 years now the ETF is well known for making a scene. That demands a celebration! And if you look around the crazy world of today, how could the motto be more becoming than "Flirting with Madness". The ETF commences its’ jubilee season with a contemporary adaptation of "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" - well-known from the classic film starring Jack Nicholson. Stephen Sondheim's bloodthirsty musical "Sweeney Todd" about a vengeful barber and a mediocre pie maker will pleasantly creep out the audience over winter. With spring comes romance: “The Effect” examines the (chemical) power of attraction. Inspired by bestselling author Yuval Noah Harari, "The Secret Life of Humans" discusses the big question of what makes humans the complicated beings we are. At the end of the season, the ETF broadens its perspective to include the USA and presents the thriller "American Son" in co-production with the Ensemble Theatre Company of Santa Barbara.

The English Theatre Frankfurt brings London West End quality to Frankfurt and the RheinMain Area. All the best to your 40th anniversary, dear ETF and keep it going!

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