Digitalization can be so easy…

… and so successful – as shown by the large Hessian cities of Frankfurt and Darmstadt.

© Foto: Andreas Koschate

In a current study of the series “Data Nation Germany”, the company Deloitte examines which German cities are leading in the digital economy and how well they are prepared for the digital future. Right away, two Hessian cities made it to the top 10 leading tech hubs: Frankfurt on 8th place and Darmstadt is even on the podium, achieving 3rd place! The southern Hessen city of Darmstadt scores mainly with a strong dynamic increase in STEM jobs. In addition, the Technical University of Darmstadt trains a high number of students in the STEM subjects and enjoys a good reputation, according to the publisher of the study. Also located in Darmstadt is CRISP, Germany’s Center for Research in Security and Privacy, where important application-oriented cybersecurity and privacy issues are continuously, thoroughly and proactively identified. More than 450 scientists work on cybersecurity issues in the partner institutes of CRISP.

The two Hessian cities are clearly ahead as locations in the IW Consult, WirtschaftsWoche and ImmobilienScout24 city ranking about Germany’s most digital companies: The corporate world in Frankfurt wins the race – followed closely by Darmstadt on 4th place. The results of the analysis show that companies in the Main metropolis focus most frequently on digitalization and Industry 4.0. Moreover, Frankfurt is known as Europe‘s digital capital: With a record data traffic of over 6.4 terabytes per second, the world’s largest internet node DE-CIX is in Frankfurt.

Both studies illustrate that Hessen has recognized digitalization as a topic for the future and local companies are very well prepared for upcoming challenges.

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