Hessen’s investment in the future revolves around ensuring top-caliber education

Education is high on the list of priorities in Hessen. As a result, Hessen‑based companies benefit from an exceptionally high rate of highly qualified employees holding academic degrees.

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More than 262,000 students were enrolled in Hessen’s 38 universities and other institutions of higher learning in 2018 with the majority attending Goethe University Frankfurt, Justus Liebig University of Giessen, or Darmstadt University of Technology.

Furthermore, approximately 38,000 young people begin dual study‑vocational programs at professional training institutions and businesses each year primarily in the STEM disciplines comprising the professional fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Dual study‑vocational programs provide companies with a steady stream of qualified and experienced specialists who are easily incorporated into the company hierarchy immediately upon program completion.

The state of Hessen also provides targeted support for the professional development of school‑aged youths. The wide range of advanced general education and vocational institutions offers school students the opportunity to receive training and develop skills in a professional field of their inclination. Furthermore, an international university entrance qualification can be attained at a number of schools in Hessen. In addition to the bilingual private schools, over 50 public schools in the Frankfurt‑Rhine‑Main region alone provide bilingual teaching and offer courses in specific subjects taught in foreign languages such as English, French, Spanish, and Italian. Please click on the link below for an overview of Hessen’s international schools: https://www.invest-in-hessen.com/mm/180711_Internationale_Schulen_Hessen_EN_HMWEVL_2.pdf

Hessen’s focus on providing quality childcare is also deserving of mention, as the Hessen‑based St. Sebastian Preschool in Eppertshausen earned the 2019 German Preschool of the Year Award, prevailing over hundreds of competitor preschools and marking the second consecutive year in which a Hessian preschool has received this accolade. St. Sebastian stresses the importance of ensuring excellent childcare as well as the need to listen to and incorporate the suggestions of children and parents into its curriculum and activities. The preschool’s mission to foster an inclusive environment can be seen in the all‑day supervision provided to five physically and mentally handicapped children on a daily basis, for which partnership agreements are in place with doctors, schools, and institutions outside of Germany.

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