Hessians with the Quickest Access to Buses and Trains

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Hessen’s Minister of Transportation Tarek Al‑Wazir views the state’s excellent standing in the Pro‑Rail Alliance rankings (german) as further confirmation of Hessen’s robust mobility policy. This study stated that Hessen’s residents have the shortest distances to bus and train stations in a comparison of all German federal states (excluding city-states). “Our goal is to establish an intelligent transportation network that brings passengers of all shapes and sizes to their destinations quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner. Easily accessible public transportation stations are essential in ensuring attractive alternatives to automobile usage,” explained Al-Wazir.

The Pro-Rail Alliance calculated that 96.1% of Hessen’s citizens reside within a 600-meter beeline of the nearest bus stop or within a 1,200‑meter beeline of the nearest train station, each offering at least 20 departure options per day. This figure tops the Germany-wide average of 89.7%.

€50 million earmarked for municipal public transportation projects in 2019

“Accessibility to public transportation also involves ensuring wheelchair-accessible bus and train stops as well as sufficient space to accommodate bicycles,” noted Al-Wazir. “We are providing considerable funds to support these initiatives, which can be seen in the €50 million that has been set aside in 2019 for municipal public transportation projects.”

Minister Al-Wazir provided a reminder that Hessen won the award for outstanding achievements in regional public and railway transportation, an accolade presented last November by the German railway passenger association DBV. The association praised the introduction of a schoolchildren’s ticket and a Hessen‑wide ticket as well as the state’s commitment to reactivating decommissioned railway lines.

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