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Some of our readers may be asking why in the world we would cover the topic of vacations in our investment newsletter. The reason is that in addition to being a prime location for investment, Hessen has plenty to offer in the way of recreational and leisure activities. Hessen has a substantial tourism industry that benefits many other economic sectors such as hospitality, retail, services, and crafts.

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Furthermore, the tourism industry has been cited as a key factor in attracting companies and qualified workers to Hessen, some of whom come from other industries. Tourism facilitates a high quality of life and serves to contribute to the financing of cultural, athletic, and leisure institutions.

Folke Mühlhölzer, whose responsibilities as the CEO of HA Hessen Agentur GmbH also place him in charge of the state‑wide Hessen Tourismus marketing organization, emphasized a further important factor related to the industry, noting that “tourism is one of very few economic sectors with jobs that are resistant to relocation or outsourcing. As long as UNESCO world heritage sites such as the Abbey of Lorsch and Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe as well as the Frankfurt trade fair and convention center continue to attract millions of visitors to Hessen, these jobs will be secure right here in Hessen.”

Statistics show that Hessen is at the height of its appeal as a tourist destination. The number of overnight stays in Hessen increased to 34.7 million, marking upward growth for the ninth consecutive year and an increase of 1.9% on the previous year.

Tarek Al-Wazir, Hessen’s Minister of Economy, Energy, Transport, and Housing, underscored the significance of the industry, stating that “the equivalent of 230,000 full‑time jobs are now directly or indirectly reliant on tourism as an economic force in Hessen.” Tourism contributes approximately €5.9 billion to Hessen’s gross domestic product.

Foreign guests accounted for 23.3% of Hessen’s overnight stays, outperforming the Germany‑wide average of 18.2% in this category. The most well‑represented nationalities among these guests were the United States (11.3%), the Netherlands (7.3%), China (7.3%), and the United Kingdom (6.7%).

By the way, the 45th installment of the GTM Germany Travel Mart™, the largest incoming workshop concerning Germany as a tourist destination, will be held from May 12 to 14 in Wiesbaden. This top‑tier sales platform will bring the German tourism industry together with important buyers in the international travel industry and the event will be presented to an international audience. GTM is jointly organized by Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V. and Wiesbaden Marketing GmbH and receives support from HA Hessen Agentur GmbH on behalf of the state of Hessen.

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