Lightweight design in Hessen


Hessian companies are increasingly investing in the area of lightweight design, a trend that offers great potential for the economy and environment. Tarek Al-Wazir, the Hessian Minister of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development, notes that: “Lightweight design offers numerous opportunities to build a sustainable future.”

The advantages that can be achieved by investing in lightweight design are striking: lighter vehicles require less fuel and optimum weight structures demand less material. It therefore comes as little surprise that the industries of aviation, automotive and transportation, in particular, are among the largest drivers of innovation in the area of lightweight design technology. The development of lightweight design has also become increasingly important in the construction sector, as well as in medical engineering and many other disciplines.

Nevertheless, lightweight design remains a technological challenge as it is not simply a question of switching materials. The complex interaction determining the stability of a product and its functional features depend on the materials used as well as the designed structure, which demands extensive know-how and careful development.

The high-tech region of Hessen is well positioned in this sector. Hessen is home to several hundred companies that offer established lightweight design technologies as well as 27 research institutes with an outstanding record in various key areas of lightweight design. Furthermore, under the brand “Technologieland Hessen” the region offers attractive funding opportunities – ideally suited to both science and industry.

Our most recent publication “Lightweight Design in Hessen” (For direct download of the 10-MB pdf, click here) gives you an insight into this vitally important field of technology and its potentials and challenges. The publication presents a number of Hessian companies and research institutes that are active in the development of lightweight design. We invite you to use it to attain new ideas and to broaden your network. You can find “Lightweight Design in Hessen” and more publications at https://www.technologieland-hessen.de/publikationen

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