Hessen’s infrastructure facilitates European success


The outstanding infrastructure available in the State of Hessen will form the basis of your success in Germany and Europe. Frankfurt is just a 2.5-hour flight away from all European business centers, and 44 million potential consumers live in a 200-kilometre radius around the city.

Frankfurt Airport is the largest commercial airport in Germany, welcoming 64.5 million passengers and handling over 2.2 million tons of freight in 2017. Every week, 283 flights go to Great Britain, 204 flights head to the USA, and 68 planes fly to China. 475,000 flight movements are processed every year across 4 runways, equating to around 1,300 take-offs and landings a day!

Frankfurt also has excellent connections to the German high-speed rail network – over 650 trains a day connect the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region to big cities like Cologne, Amsterdam, Paris and Munich. Around 450,000 passengers set out, arrive or change trains at Frankfurt station every day.

The Frankfurter Kreuz is used by 368,000 vehicles a day, making it one of Germany’s busiest freeway junctions that connects the two main A3 and A5 freeways near Frankfurt Airport.

Frankfurt is the hub of European data exchange. All major data lines between Europe and the USA run through the DE-CIX Internet Exchange with a data throughput of up to 6 terabytes per second. The rest of Hessen also boasts high Internet speeds. Hessen has the third most developed broadband network of all multi-city states in Germany.

In order to constantly ensure high education standards in Hessen, the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region not only has around 60 state schools with bilingual opportunities, but also 25 international schools. You can find a comprehensive list of international schools in Hessen at https://www.invest-in-hessen.com/publications.

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