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The United States and United Kingdom as key export destinations for Hessen based companies

Hessen based companies recorded goods exports to the US and the UK valued at just under €12.2 billion in 2015. According to the Statistical Office of the German State of Hessen, combined exports to these two countries accounted for over 20% of all exports stemming from Hessen.

The value of goods purchased by the USA from Hessen-based companies in 2015 totaled €7.7 billion. Accounting for 12.8% of all exports from Hessen in 2015, the United States was the most important overall export market for Hessen-based companies and remained atop the list of destination countries in 2016 (January to November) with a share of 12.1%. Exports of vehicles, vehicle parts, and vehicle accessories as a share of total exports from Hessen to the USA have been around 4% each year since 2013.

With a purchasing volume valued at around €4.5 billion, the United Kingdom ranked third on the list of the most important destination countries for Hessen’s exports (following the USA and France), accounting for 7.5% of all exports purchased from Hessen-based companies. The significance of the United Kingdom as a key export destination remained similarly high in the first eleven months of 2016 (7% of all exports).

More information: www.invest-in-hessen.com/foreign-trade-hessen

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