The US company Velodyne LiDAR comes to FrankfurtRheinMain

There's a new addition to the international business location of FrankfurtRheinMain. Velodyne LiDAR, a leading manufacturer of laser systems and sensors from the USA, is opening its first German subsidiary in Rüsselsheim.

Patrick Burghardt, Mayor of the City of Rüsselsheim am Main: "We are very proud that Velodyne LiDAR is opening its first German subsidiary in Rüsselsheim. This is further proof of the expertise of the automobile location of Rüsselsheim, as well as the Rhein-Main region as a whole." Velodyne was founded in Morgan Hill, California in 1983 and first operated in the audio field. Since 2007, the company has specialized in LiDAR technology. LiDAR (light detection and ranging) is a method for optical distance and velocity measurement by means of laser beams. LiDAR receives signals emitted by laser via multi-spectral cameras, which process a million data points per second. The system is used in autonomous vehicles to detect and circumvent obstacles in traffic. When Google tested its first self-driving cars in 2010, they were equipped with LiDAR technology from Velodyne. In addition to Google, the company's clients also include Ford, Volvo, Caterpillar and TomTom.

"Rüsselsheim is our ideal location for expanding our operations across Germany. The FrankfurtRheinMain region is Germany's most centralized automobile location and has unique strengths in the development of innovative vehicles. The conditions here are optimal for continuing to develop our contacts with the German OEMs," says Erich Smidt, CEO of Velodyne Europe GmbH.

The close collaboration between FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH International Marketing of the Region (FRM GmbH) with Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH (HTAI) and the Rüsselsheim business development significantly contributed to this recruitment success. As a result of the outstanding cooperation by all participants, Velodyne LiDAR received the best possible support at all times.

"From our office in Chicago, we learned that Velodyne LiDAR was planning to expand to Germany. Through close collaboration within the region, we were able to quickly provide the company with all of the information it needed. The fact that Velodyne LiDAR ultimately chose to locate in Rüsselsheim is a great success for the FrankfurtRheinMain region," says Eric Menges, CEO of FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH International Marketing of the Region (FRM GmbH).


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