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Hiking and Cycling in Hessen

The wide range of hiking and cycling activities in Hessen beckons you to make new discoveries. The routes are ideal for families, nature lovers, amateur athletes, and those wishing to add more physical activity to their vacation plans.

Interesting hiking-themed routes shine a light on a rich cultural heritage. Other trails allow you to experience the beauty of nature, and have even been tested and honored by experts. Odenwald, Spessart, Rhön, Vogelsberg, Taunus, Westerwald, Knüllgebirge, Habichtswald, and Burgwald, the valleys of the Lahn, Werra, and Rhine – all these beautiful names and the natural range of hiking options they provide are just waiting to be discovered by you.

The many cycling routes make it easy to explore Hessen on two wheels. With a total length of over 2,050 miles, the network of long-distance cycling routes in Hessen connects idyllic river valleys with the untouched hills of the Rhön, Odenwald, Vogelsberg, and Taunus. Nine long-distance cycling routes as well as the Hessian sections of the Eder, Lahn Valley, Rhine, Main, and Werra Valley cycling routes and many regional routes run north to south and west to east.





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