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Hessen’s Gold Standard – the Financial Sector

The imposing bank skyscrapers in Frankfurt are a testament to the importance of the metropolitan region within the eurozone. Frankfurt is home to the European Central Bank and more than 200 banks, of which 161 are foreign. The Rhine-Main region is one of Europe’s strongest economic regions and home to top-notch higher education and research institutions. 

There are many reasons why Frankfurt is a leading European and global financial center.
Home to the headquarters of the European Central Bank and Deutsche Bundesbank (the German Federal Bank), Frankfurt is an international powerhouse when it comes to monetary policy. The German financial system is regarded around the world for its stability, which is ensured by the vigilance of various supervisory authorities.

The Deutsche Börse Group is a transaction service provider with activities across the globe. The range of products and services consists of the entire process chain involving the trading of both stocks and options including settlements, market-relevant information as well as the development and marketing of an electronic exchange system. Deutsche Börse AG is the third largest exchange in the world.

In Hessen, approximately 62,000 people are employed in the financial services sector, while Frankfurt is home to 200 banks from 50 different countries. And many more service providers are also located in Frankfurt, including insurance companies, investment banks, consultants, accountants, legal offices, and financial advisors. Together, these companies create a pronounced network of financial service providers in the Rhine-Main region.

Eurex is a world market leader in the trading and settlement of futures and stock options, index funds, exchange traded funds, as well as capital market and money market products. Derivative trading is completed using a fully electronic trading and clearing platform, enabling customers to access the system from anywhere in the world.

The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) and the Frankfurt International Arbitration Center (FIAC) are located in Frankfurt. More than 350 insurance companies employ more than 20,000 people.




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