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Competence Atlas Hessen-Biotech - The Spectrum of Biotechnology Companies in Hessen 2015

Biotechnology is now an indispensable, integral component of numerous industrial processes and even of our everyday lives. In the field of medicine, it contributes to earlier detection and better treatment of illnesses by way of new diagnostic procedures and drugs. In commerce, it is the key to the switchover from fossil to renewable raw materials. Synthetic materials, base chemicals, energy – we can produce all these with the aid of biotechnology.

Hessen is optimally positioned in this promising domain. Our universities, research institutions and start-ups constitute the ideal breeding ground for innovation. In the laboratories of the Hessian chemical and pharmaceutical industry, ideas quickly grow so as to be ready for application. Production is not a distant prospect: Close to one third of Germany’s biotechnological production capacity is based in Hessen.

Since Hessen's biotechnological sector is so comprehensive, it would be prudent to consult The Hessen-Biotech Competence Atlas 2015 which provides an overview of the Hessian biotechnology industry, for more information. It features 169 companies and institutions. Innovation-driven industries such as biotechnology derive sustenance from cooperation between various partners. With the Hessen Biotech Competence Atlas, we aim to facilitate such cooperation, transcending both subject-specific and geographical boundaries.


Download: Competence Atlas Hessen-Biotech

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