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Take time for yourself - Wellness in Hessen

With around 30 therapeutic springs and spa locations, Hessen is included among the German states boasting extensive experience in the area of spa treatments. The tradition of caring for and relaxing both body and soul is more or less unique to Germany. The state stretches from the Odenwald to the Reinhardswald Forest and offers not only 31 health resorts, spa towns, and countless thermal baths providing the perfect services for those moments of relaxation, but also a large selection of inviting special wellness hotels where you can take a break. The healing power of hot springs has been appreciated by people as far back as the Romans including, for example, those in Bad Vilbel or Wiesbaden with its 26 sodium-chloride springs (up to 67 °C).

From the bubbly spas operating in the “strongholds” to the quiet personal atmosphere of the smaller spa locations, all foster an all-round feeling of wellbeing for the guests. There are also many activities and services available for daily visitors wishing to soothe their body and soul. Splendid spa parks, hiking trails, and numerous leisure activities ensure variety across the board.
Break free from the hectic pace of everyday life and take a moment to regenerate. The magnificent natural landscape of one of Germany’s most forested regions is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing wellness holiday. The full range of services here will get you back on your feet: from classic treatments to Ayurveda.

Let go. Close your eyes and forget the world. Give in to your desires. Spoil yourself and let yourself be spoiled.

Hessen - Spa and Wellness

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