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Hessen – Cultural History wherever you are

Hessen has much more to offer than just business! Hessen offers pure zest for life and a superb quality of life: warm-hearted people, idyllic nature, romantic villages, traditional folk festivals, a plethora of culture, historic vineyards, recuperative spas and thousands of other ways of experiencing, discovering, enjoying and relaxing – Hessen is all of these. In other words: You may come to Hessen to work. But you stay here to enjoy life!

From the skyscrapers of Frankfurt City it is only a stone’s throw to the countryside. Less than a quarter of an hour after leaving Frankfurt to the northwest, you can take a deep breath of the famous air in the Taunus Mountains. In addition to the spa and casino city Bad Homburg, the outdoor museum Hessenpark and the Saalburg, the only reconstructed Roman fortress in the world, entice visitors.

Just a few kilometers to the west is the Rheingau, one of the most beautiful vineyard regions in Germany. This area, stretching along the banks of the River Rhine and extremely popular among both history and wine enthusiasts, is the gateway to the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. This is where the Spätlese late harvest was invented, and places such as Rüdesheim, Johannisberg Castle and the Eberbach Monastery are just a few prominent examples for the wine and cultural charms of this region.

Also on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List are the Messel Pit, as an absolutely unique fossil site, the south Hessian Lorsch Monastery, as an impressive witness of Carolingian architectural craftsmanship, and the Limes Frontier of the Roman Empire, as an important archeological monument. But there are also outstanding architectural monuments from later periods, for instance from the Baroque in Kassel and Fulda, from the Art Nouveau period in Darmstadt and Bad Nauheim, as well as from Historicism in the Hessian state capital Wiesbaden.

In addition to the four UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites, Hessen also has an “enchanting” UNESCO World Memory Register Site: the personal copies of the Children’s and Household Tales by the Brothers Grimm in Kassel. Along with the Luther Bible, this is German cultural history’s most famous book. The fairy tale collections can be marveled at in the Kassel Grimm Museum.


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