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Hessen is opening its doors and gates to entrepreneurs

In Hessen we know that the welfare of the state and its citizens depends upon how well its economy develops. Therefore, Hessen is opening its doors and gates to entrepreneurs. You benefit from Hessen’s willingness to say yes: yes to daring business ideas, yes to courageous construction projects, yes to creative financing models, yes to everything that promotes speedy, smooth business operations.

Whether you are planning to set up your company in Hessen or you wish to transfer or expand your business, we will provide specific advice and support from our specialist team members. We will develop tailor-made solutions meeting your project requirements – ranging from identifying available sites and properties to specific, detailed location profiles and industry information. You will be advised and assisted efficiently, from your first inquiry through the establishment of your company – Hessen Trade & Invest will open doors for you, ensuring fast implementation of your investment projects. The experts will help you in all business and administrative matters to ensure you can settle in easily and feel at home quickly.


The website www.hessen-sites.com is a valuable tool for new companies and investors to find up to date listings of available commercial space and real estate and detailed information on Hessian cities and communities, regional economic assistance programs, or technology and entrepreneur centers. With its business location services, Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH provides foreign and domestic companies with competent assistance in finding suitable commercial space and real estate.


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