Direct Investment

  • Foreign Direct Investment in Hessen: <strong> €69 billion</strong>

Direct Investment Record

The highest level of productivity, creativity and stability in Germany are achieved in Hessen. Hessen has one of the strongest of German economies, and is also one of the most dynamic business regions in Europe.

Excellent Business Contacts with EU Countries

Fast-paced structural changes and continued economic expansion have lead to dynamic sales and export growth, particularly in Hessen's high-tech and services sectors. Hessen maintains excellent business contacts with EU countries. Thanks to the free trade of goods and services within the EU, trade is freely conducted with 28 countries. It is not surprising that two-thirds of all imports and exports are from/to EU lands.

Three-quarters of all foreign direct investment comes from the EU, and more than one-third of Hessen's direct investment was destined for the EU. About €69 billion in foreign investment came to Hessen – nearly 15 % of the total investment in Germany.

Important Business Location for International Companies

For years, Hessen has successfully positioned itself as an international business and technology location throughout Europe and Germany. Since 2013, 755 international companies have settled in Hessen or expanded their existing investments.

In 2017, there were 173 new foreign investment projects in Hessen: 44 firms came from the U.S., 23 from the People's Republic of China, 19 from Japan, followed by India with 13 settlements , Great Britain (12), the Netherlands (11) and France (9). 

Future-Oriented Sectors With High Growth

Foreign companies are most active in the following sectors: software/IT services, financial services, corporate services, biotech/pharmaceuticals/healthcare, and automotive supply. And the trend continues.

About one third of all foreign investments are sales and marketing offices which provide various services such as distribution and logistics or serve as the German/European headquarters.


Hessen Attracts Investment - the Numbers

  • About 12,500 foreign companies
  • Foreign direct investment in Hessen: €69 billion. This corresponds to 14.8% of all foreign investment in Germany.
  • Origin of foreign investment: the Netherlands (30.5%), Luxemburg (10.8%), the United Kingdom (9.2%), France (6.7%), Ireland (5.6%), Sweden (5.5%), South Korea (4.3%) and Japan (4%)