Aviation and Aerospace

  • European Space Agency <strong>ESA</strong> Satellite Control Center

Hessen Reaching for the Stars

As a highly innovative state, Hessen has played a pioneering role since the beginning of Germany's aeronautic industry. In particular, the Darmstadt region has developed into an incubator for new ideas. As headquarters for the European Space Agency (ESA) satellite control center, the meteorological satellite center EUMETSAT, and the German air traffic control center Deutschen Flugsicherung, the Darmstadt region has developed into one of the most important competence centers for the international aviation and aerospace industry.

Aviation and Aerospace Manufacturing in Hessen

The relatively narrow definition of this industrial segment "Aviation and Aerospace Manufacturing" accounts for only four companies with a total workforce of 1,800 and sales of nearly €290 million, based on statistics.

However, more extensive research revealed that more than 200 companies are active in this segment or supply goods and services for other industry manufacturers.


Broad Range of Products

The majority of industrial companies in this segment manufacture a broad range of products. Engines and helicopter components; measurement, control and process technology; optics; communication and navigation technology; airplane interiors; special materials; surface technology and airport equipment are a few of the product groups which are produced in Hessen.

Hessen is home to a wide range of service companies such as technology consultants; engineering service companies for the development and construction of components, systems and equipment; simulation and diagnosis, as well as software solutions for the aviation and aerospace industries; and also for service, maintenance and retrofitting of airplanes.




Special Competencies for the Aerospace Industry

Numerous satellite and spacecraft are equipped with gear mechanisms from Limburg. Vacuum technology from Asslar is used for experiments on the International Space Station (ISS). Sensors from Lahnau, polymers from Kelsterbach, special materials from Heuchelheim, software and engineering from Darmstadt: these are all examples of the products and services from Hessen which are employed in the aerospace industry.


Hessen Aviation

In 2013, Hessen Aviation was established as a platform to pool the resources of the aviation and aerospace industries in Hessen. Hessen Aviation is a cooperative project from the House of Logistics and Mobility in Frankfurt, and seeks to raise the domestic and international profile of this segment.


Well-Known Worldwide

Hessen’s universities and research institutions offer a wide range of research and development activities focussed on aviation and aerospace. In particular, the Technical University in Darmstadt and the universities in Kassel and Gießen are active in this segment. Hessen’s universities have made significant contributions in a variety of disciplines, helping to establish their reputation in the area of aviation and aerospace technologies.


Important companies in the aviation and aerospace industries include:

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  • Rolls-Royce
  • Sell
  • EDAG
  • Harmonic Drive
  • Jeppesen
  • Röder Präzision
  • Smith Heimann
  • Nord-Micro
  • VEGA
  • Diehl Aerospace
  • Honeywell